Dr. Pinkser literally saved my life. He probably doesn’t remember me but about 12 years ago now I waddled into his clinic with a “hip injury”. I was 15 at the time and I had been to at least 3 medical clinics previously that dismissed me as a “crybaby” with a sports injury and told me to go home and rest. (and quit being a stupid athlete and let it heal).

After NEARLY A YEAR of this nonsense my mom took me to Dr. Pinsker. He did an exam and took a thorough case history to pinpoint cause of all the problems I was having and took the x-ray that ultimately saved my life.

I was diagnosed with cancer and told I had three months to live.

After my treatment another chiropractor took me under his wing, taught me nutrition, and how to get well again. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Pinsker and his clinic. I just recently graduated chiropractic school and hope to practice with the integrity and excellence that Doctor Pinsker exudes. Only 5 stars does not do this man justice.

Get adjusted and take care of your health BEFORE you get sick. Prevention is key! Pay for health now or pay for disease later. If you have any questions contact me on facebook here>> Dr. Kevin Krautsack – health sciences

Yours in health,

Dr. Kevin Krautsack

Dr. Pinsker is by far the best & most professional doctor I have ever encountered . From the moment you walk through the door him & his assistant Dominique make you feel not only a patient but family as well. Dr.Pinkser thank you for not only fixing my injuries good as new but for all the many lessons of life you have bestowed upon me as well. 5 stars Highly Recommended.

I rarely give anything five stars but I wish I could give Dr. Pinsker 10 stars. He is very passionate and cares alot and wants the best for his patients and I feel relief when I come in for my visits to be honest I wish Dr. Pinsker could be my primary care doctor as well.

He is the greatest best chiropractor you could ever go to I can’t say enough how great he is Thank you Dr. Pinsker love the Receptionist too she is a sweetie pie

Dr. Pinsker is a wonderful chiropractor! He is honest, sincere and will get you back on your feet in no time! The hours of his office are great for the working person. And his front desk receptionist is great too. An all around great practice!